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      Ad created by joel22 on Jan 9, 2016

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        Lot Of 18 Academic etc Books 50.00 WORTH OVER

      Price: $50

      Details: Lot Of 18 Academic etc Books 125.00 OBO WORTH OVER 400 NEW These books I am also selling individually on Kijiji which totals around 190.00 if bought seperately by me, these books are worth Around 400 New. Contact Info: Phone (695-5879) leave a message for Joel or Email me at; joelsexton91@yahoo.ca Below is a list of the book titles: 1) THE SECOND WORLD WAR BY John Keegan (massive famous work) new 20.00 2) HIMMLER'S CRUSADE (Hardcvoer BY CHRISTOPHER HALE new 30.00 3) THE DEADLY EMBRACE- Hitler, Stalin, and the Nazi-Soviet Pact 1939-1941 by Anthony Read & David Fisher New 40.00 Hardback 4) The Nazi Seizure OF Power by William Allen New 25.00 5)THE RACE FOR ROME BY DAN KURZMAN new 45.00 rare 6) The Story Of The Second world War by Katharine Savage NEW 13.00 7) 9-11 EVIL by VICTOR THORN new 15.00 8) A WARRIOR'S STORY (THE TRUE STORY OF LIFE BEFORE AND BYOUND THE FIGHTER) MICKY WARD, FORWARD BY Mark Whalberg New 13.00 9]THE SECRET GOSPEL OF JUDAS by James M. Robinson New 25.00 10)FOXES CHRISTIAN MARTYRS OF THE WORD by John Foxe new: 10.00 11) CROSSING THE THRESHOLD OF HOPE by John Paul II (Condition- Good-Hardback new 20.00 12)THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD-Pope John Paul II versus Russia And The West For Control Of The New World Order (By Malachi Martin S.J. ) Bestselling Author new: 35.00 13]Napolean by Paul Johnson (Hardcover-Condition-Very good) 28.99 new AMAZON new: 45.00 rare 14)A BRIEF HISTORY OF CANADA By Roger Riendeau new 20.00 15)THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF COMMUNISM by R.N. Carew New 15.00 16) The Whole Shebang: A State-of-the-Universe(s) Report Timothy Ferris new 25.00 17) The Living Cosmos: Our Search for Life in the Universe by Chris Impey new 25.00 hardback 18)Triumph Books Hockey's Greatest Teams: Teams, Players and Plays that Changed the Game by Triumph Books 25.00 new hardback

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