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      Ad created by awareness on Oct 15, 2017

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        looking for aspiring artisans to join me

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      Details: Looking for individuals who are presently or aspiring artisans/crafts people. Specifically, people who do not have a suitable place (or any place at all),in which to bring your creations to life. I've realized in order for me to pursue my interests in woodworking I need to find a suitable studio and pool resources with others to make it as affordable as possible. Perhaps with enough people this could work...and if it did it may become a much talked about place for future clients. It doesn't matter what skill level a person is, nor what craft they are involved in, what does matter is seriousness and committment to the cause. This could be a shot in the dark, but I like what I do enough to explore this avenue. There are many successful cooperatives around the world. Its worth trying I think. Building space rental and insurance will most liklely be the largest hurdles of all. Equipment, tools, and materials can grow as time goes on. I am sure that certain crafts would compliment each other as well, opening up the exciting prospects of collaborations. thanks all. let me know you thoughts. Craig 921-2681 www.liber8.ca

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